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Browser adoption rates

For two years in 2020 and 2021, I shared Wikipedia’s worldwide browser statistics on Mastodon under #browserstats. They looked a little something like this: As the data includes the browser’s major version, I wondered whether I could use this to follow the adoption rate through each browser’s release cycle. The short answer is… Yes! Here…

Should I substr(), substring(), or slice()?

What’s the deal with these string methods, and how are they different?

Wikipedia’s JavaScript initialisation on a budget

This week saw the conclusion of a project that I’ve been shepherding on and off since September of last year. The goal was for the initialisation of our asynchronous JavaScript pipeline (at the time, 36 kilobytes in size) to fit within a budget of 28 KB.

How to protect yourself from npm

What’s the worst that could happen after npm install?

Measuring Wikipedia page load times

This post shows how we measure and interpret load times on Wikipedia. It also explains what real-user metrics are, and how percentiles work.

QUnit anti-patterns

Today, I’d like to challenge the assert.ok and assert.not* methods. I believe they may’ve become an anti-pattern.

PhantomJS for CI (anno 2014)

How did Apple create Safari, and what is PhantomJS?