I’m Principal Engineer for Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit behind Wikipedia and its sister projects in the free knowledge and open data space. I focus primarily on architecture and performance of the core MediaWiki application.

Wikimedia Foundation

I started working with Wikimedia in 2011. I helped build and evolve ResourceLoader (a delivery system for JavaScript, CSS, and localisation), VisualEditor (an HTML5 WYSIWYG editor), and the continuous integration infrastructure for frontend tooling (doc publishing, headless unit testing, integration testing).

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jQuery Foundation

I joined the jQuery Team in 2012.

During 2012 and 2013, I contracted with the jQuery Foundation to evolve TestSwarm, document and modernise its stack, develop testswarm-browserstack, and improve QUnit. I also worked on the js-reporters specification.

I remain active as a volunteer in the QUnit Team and jQuery Team.



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