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FileUsage migrated to Tool Labs

FileUsage collects information about where and how much different scripts are used by users of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation wikis.

This tool has been rewritten from the ground up and migrated from Toolserver to Tool Labs.

List utilities migrated to Tool Labs

The utilities for Wikimedia mailing lists have been migrated from Toolserver to Tool Labs.

BlankPages migrated to Tool Labs

The BlankPages tool has been migrated from Toolserver to Tool Labs.

Snapshots migrated to Tool Labs

The Snapshots tool has been migrated from Toolserver to Tool Labs.

Intuition migrated to Tool Labs

The Intuition tool has been migrated from Toolserver to Tool Labs.

New tools and more open source

Quick overview of tools have been introduced in version control over the last 2 months. Some are of these are brand new, others are updated versions of previously unversioned tools.

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New: mwSnapshots

Ever since MediaWiki migrated their source control management from Subversion to Git, the tool to download nightly snapshots has been froozen.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to learn more about Git’s command-line tools, so I took this opportunity to work on a new tool where I could do just that.

The new mwSnapshots tool is monitoring all branches of the mediawiki/core.git repository. Once an hour it will fetch all the new commits added to the repository and sync the HEAD positions of all branches. Then, for branches that have changed since the previous run, it will: check them out, create a new tar archive compressed by gzip, and clean up the old one.

→ Check it out: mwSnapshots

Tools moving to Git

As part of the spring cleaning this year I want to get all my Toolserver tools into public and easy to use version control. Right now most tools are either on Toolserver’s internal SVN somewhere, or not in source control at all.

Each tool will be getting its own Git repository. I will be (one-way) mirroring all of those repositories under github.com/Krinkle.

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New: Intuition

Last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new project, based on an ad-hoc i18n solution I had in some of my tools.

Toolserver Intuition is new tool (a “meta-tool”, if you will) that end-users won’t interact much directly, but it is used inside other tools. Both my own tools and tools by other developers.

I worked with translatewiki.net and set up a new project there.

The translations themselves and the framework around it is open-sourced in Wikimedia SVN: https://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/tools/ToolserverI18N.

More technical details and a short guide on how to implement it (if you’re a Toolserver developer as well) can be found on the Intuition docs.

→ Check it out: Toolserver Intuition

Update 2013-10-18: Code has moved to GitHub: https://github.com/Krinkle/intuition.

OrphanTalk2 Redesign

A few bugfixes and a better interface now for OrphanTalk2. You can select any of the 700+ wmf wikis (most popular on top, rest alphabetical). I also added filters for subpages, and redirects.

→ Check it out: OrphanTalk2

New: OrphanTalk2

Just a quick note, I may post more about it later. I’ve finished the initial work on OrphanTalk2. The tool should be stable and fast enough for live usage now. It is inspired by Agony’s orphantalk tool (which has been unavailable for a while now).

→ Check it out: OrphanTalk2